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size: 18 x 24 in. 

medium: oil on canvas

This painting tells of who I am through objects and images. There are two images of me in the painting: one of me in kindergarten wearing a large hat and a feather boa and one of me my senior year of high school is ASB. These images demonstrate my growth from wanting to be a "star" to becoming a hardworking woman who in her high school days was seriously involved in her school and education. There are also two types of shoes in the painting: an all white air force 1 sneaker and a a high heel shoe. The sneaker represents my affinity for sneakers and the high heel represents how I also enjoy dressing up and looking classy. The Louis Vuitton wallet represents my interest in fashion in general and also my admiration of Louis Vuitton's creative direction under Virgil Abloh. Finally, the trophy reprsents how I always strive for the best no matter what.

A Personal Narrative

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