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size: 15 x 22 in.

medium: ink print on printmaking paper

I am paying homage to the Ukrainian folk art burned by Russian forces at the Museum of Local History in Ivankiv, Ukraine. After seeing videos of the museum being burnt down I had read an article about Ukrainian folk art by Maria Prymachenko being lost in a fire. I am saddened by the loss of life and culture plaguing Ukraine; however, I was inspired by the Ukrainian folk art that was lost and I decided to create my own mythological creature using bright bold colors one might see in Ukraine folk style art. I chose to create a multi headed creature since monsters are common subject in Ukrainian folk art. I started off by sketching out the monster and then decorating the background with plants. The style I am replicating uses flat simple shapes which I have emulated by using repeating lines and shapes. After finishing my sketch I separated it into four layers then transferred these layers onto mylar. The red background and eyes were drawn using red Posca marker, the blue body of the monster was painted using india ink, the outline of the monster, dots, and stems of the plants were drawn using black brush-tipped Posca marker, then the yellow leaves are drawn using red Poska marker. As a result, the prints appear to be hand drawn which I like as it seems more like the folk art style I was intending.

Lost but Never Forgotten

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