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size: 12.5 x 20 in.

medium: ink print on printmaking paper

I aimed to capture the ritual in which Muslims make the journey to Mecca to validate their faith and devotion to Allah. I chose the subject because my father’s side of the family comes from a nomadic Muslim tribe in North Africa and I was inspired by their tradition of traveling to Mecca regardless of where they are. Some of the first Muslims in history resided in the desert as nomads traveling on camels. To this day there are still Arab Muslims who cross the desert in this way. This piece is inspired by silhouette images of men writing on camels through the desert. By viewing these images, one can feel the intensity and heat of the Sun as it sets behind the sand dunes. I wanted to capture this same sensation of warmth by using warm colors and overlapping them to replicate the blending of colors found in a Saharan sunset. My layers are offset in a way to make the composition imbalanced and create movement.


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