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size: 15 x 22 in.

medium: CMYK ink on printmaking paper

I am collaging images from my life that compose my social media persona. I feel that at times I am living multiple lives. People who I interact with in person during the week most likely view me as an art student and/or a sneaker sales associate at the mall. However, what many people from my life do not know is I am social media influencer. My following on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok adds up to over 306,000 followers. On these platforms I make it seam as though I am living an extravagant, luxurious, and super fun lifestyle; however, I live a pretty humble and simple lifestyle. But the weekends I feel like I am a different person from who I am at school and from who I am on social media. In 2021 I started making connections with rappers in the underground music scene and I started hanging out with these people on the weekends. I rarely discuss or post what I experience because many of these rappers prefer their privacy. Thus, in this print I am combining images publicly on view on my Instagram with unseen images from my typically confidential weekend experiences. I collages these images together on Photoshop and put most of my Instagram photos at the top and the pictures with my friends at the bottom. I added a slight saturation gradient from top to bottom so that the images from my Instagram are more vibrant and the images with my friends are less visible in comparison. I then separated this collage into CMYK bitmap layers and put the quote “social media is not real life” as a spot layer in white to mimic one of those relatable/inspiring posts one might see on Instagram or Tumblr. With this print I intend to demonstrate how not everything one sees on social media is real. Many people are insecure about their own lives because they are bombarded by other people’s life highlights and they believe they are living inadequate lives. But in truth not everything is what it seems and I am a testament to that.

Social Media is Not Real Life

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